December 3, 2023 

First Sunday of Advent

Saint of the day

Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552)

Saint Francis Xavier was born to a noble family of the Kingdom of Navarre in what is modern-day Spain. Giving up a promising career as a professor of philosophy, he joined Saint Ignatius of Loyola to become one of the original members of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits. Leaving Europe in 1541, Francis spent the rest of his life as a missionary, working in Mozambique, India, southeastern Asia, and Japan. He baptized and taught the basics of the faith to thousands of people and planned to evangelize China, but died on an island just off the mainland. Francis preferred to live and work among the poor, often ministering to the sick in addition to his preaching. Like Saint Paul, he changed his methods of presenting the faith to suit his audience. He taught people at their level of understanding by teaching catechism, for example, to children using rhyming verses set to popular tunes. He also engaged in theological and philosophical discussions with the more educated. His ministry was accompanied at times by miraculous signs, including the gift of healing. (Taken from "The Church: Christ in the World Today.")


Saint Francis Xavier gave up his promising career as a professor of philosophy to join his friend, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, in establishing the Jesuits. Would you give up your blossoming career to follow God's call into the unknown? Ask God to help you make decisions in your life that will lead you closer to him.


O God, we need to choose the way of faithfulness, the way that leads to you, each day. Let me take the steps necessary to make sure I am on the way to you today. (Taken from “Good News Day by Day: Bible Reflections for Teens.”)

Liturgical season information

Lectionary: 2

Place in Year: Advent

Color of decorations and priest's vestments: Violet

Daily readings

Reading 1: Is 63:16B-17, 19B; 64:2-7

Responsorial Psalm: Ps 80:2-3, 15-16, 18-19

Reading II: 1 Cor 1:3-9

Alleluia: Ps 85:8

Gospel: Mk 13:33-37

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