In 2013, Saint Mary's Press shipped over 600,000 books, from an active list of over 650 titles, across the United States and to the entire English-speaking world. Net sales of these publications totaled over $10,000,000.
Saint Mary's Press develops and publishes materials for teens and families along four major lines:

  • Bibles, biblical literacy, and spirituality resources, including the best-selling Catholic Youth Bible®, The Catholic Children's BibleBreakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics, and  the Anselm Academic Study Bible.
  • Catholic high school religion textbooks and resources.
  • Parish religious education, sacramental preparation, and youth ministry resources.
  • Teen spirituality resources


The Catholic Bible Publisher 

Saint Mary's Press is the leading Catholic publisher of religion and spirituality texts for teens in the United States.

Since its publication in 2000, The Catholic Youth Bible® has sold over 2,000,000 copies. The Catholic Youth Bible® is available in two translation: the New Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition, and the New American Bible translation. 




Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics, first published in 2006, has sold over 375,000 copies. Breakthrough! is the first Bible written for the preteen age group and uses beautiful illustrations to engage young people with the Scriptures. 






In 2013, Saint Mary's Press launched the first-ever complete Bible for children with the release of The Catholic Children's Bible; since its release it has sold over 50,000 copies.




Other Bestselling Publications



 The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth has sold over 650,000 copies. The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth is a comprehensive and practical reference containing the important teachings and beliefs of the Catholic Church.




Since its publication in 2004, The Catholic Youth Prayer Booka beautiful book of traditional and contemporary Catholic prayers and forms of prayer, has sold over 100,000 copies since its publication in 2006. 




Saint Mary's Press is also an innovator in digital-based delivery, producing products in nonprint media, and making resources available on multiple digital platforms. In 2010, Saint Mary's Press began offering digital books as well as free online teacher resources such as: PowerPoints, articles, activities, and customizable tests. Saint Mary's Press continues to explore and develop new media for effectively transmitting resources and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Anselm Academic

In spring, 2006, Saint Mary's Press launched a new college publishing division. Now called Anselm Academic, this division publishes entry-level college theology and ethics textbooks, including these top-selling resources:


With over 30 titles, and many more to come, Anselm Academic is committed to provide effective, relevant, and enlightening texts. 

The Saint Mary's Press Web sites ( and provide abundant resources for Catholic high school religion teachers, middle school teachers, college educators and students, parish directors of religious education, youth ministers, and Catholic parents. Online ordering is available through both Web sites.