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Back to School: Intentions for the Start of the School Year

Please respond "Lord hear our prayer" Let us pray for all Believers around the world and those who seek Christ, that they may receive blessings and open their hearts to God's word… We pray to the Lord For all experiencing …


Every Day Things Occur in This World That Shake My Faith

Every day things occur in this world that shake my faith and test my beliefs. I see things happening like famine and civil wars, and things that hit close to home like cancer and AIDS. I find myself constantly questioning …


Adonai Shalom

Adonai Shalom “Lord of Peace” Adonai Shalom Lord, let there be peace in my heart, so that it may be open to feel love, kindness, and goodness. Adonai Shalom Lord, let there be peace in my life, so that I …


Processing Service Experiences

I have been involved with our school's service-learning program for over ten years as a classroom teacher. Because the program is integrated fully in the religion, English, and social studies curriculum, we have made a commitment to processing the material …


The Color Purple

A CAUTIONARY NOTE: One of the criticisms of The Color Purple is that it depicts the men in the story as primarily abusive. Also, this movie is PG-13, mostly because of the violence and strong language. We recommend the movie …


Technology assignment - Catholic Social Teaching

Over ten years ago, I began using my home computer to file and create documents for my students. My high school, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, already had a very well-developed technological infrastructure. Internet searches, e-mail, PowerPoint presentations, …


Building Faith Community in the High School

In a workshop entitled "The Catholic High School as Faith Community," religion teachers, campus ministers, and school administrators discussed, among many things, the obstacles they face in trying to build faith community in their school. One obstacle they addressed was …


Movie Application of A Little Princess

Movies are a wonderful way of reaching students! My students always enjoy the break from the classroom routine, but they have come to realize that the movies are purposeful and important to the content we are covering. I always have …

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