Back to School: Intentions for the Start of the School Year

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These petitions could be incorporated into a prayer service or opening liturgy.

Please respond "Lord hear our prayer"

Let us pray for all Believers around the world and those who seek Christ,
that they may receive blessings and open their hearts to God's word…
We pray to the Lord

For all experiencing some form of social injustice,
that they may feel physical and spiritual relief…
We pray to the Lord

For all of the new students joining our community,
may they find a community that welcomes them and makes them
comfortable in their new surroundings…
We pray to the Lord

For the students, faculty, and staff of our school,
may we be able to work together as a community to accomplish all the goals
set before us this school year…
We pray to the Lord

For all the sick and suffering,
may they experience healing and a full recovery with God's grace…
We pray to the Lord

For all those connected to our community who have recently passed away,
may they feel the grace of the Spirit as they enter the heavenly reign of God...
We pray to the Lord

For all the special intentions we hold in our hearts…(Pause for 5 seconds)
We pray to the Lord


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Published August 21, 2003.