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Catholic Social Teaching and the Common Good

This worksheet helps students to take notes as they read articles and make connections to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.


Where Am I Called?

Answer the following questions about your calling.


What is the State of Justice?

Evaluate the degree to which the seven themes of Catholic social teaching are present in a given situation. Use the scale below each theme to rank the extent to which it is present or absent, and write N/A (not applicable) …


A Living Sign of Hope

We believe that because we are transformed by faith in the Risen Jesus, his presence in the world becomes more visible through us. Read the following statements that are based on Jesus’ teachings, and then answer the questions that follow. …


How and Why Do People Suffer?

In the boxes below, give examples for each type of suffering, and respond to the questions that follow.


Covenant Hope

All of the Scripture passages used in this exercise are taken from the list in your student book (pages 81–82). These Scripture passages concern covenants or promises that provide an image of hope in a future messiah. As you answer …


Places in the Heart

A worksheet to go along with the video Places in the Heart.


Core Beliefs Practices and Attitudes of the Catholic Faith

Each statement below is a core belief of the Catholic faith. Choose a symbol (“I get it,” “I’m unsure,” or “I don’t get it”) that best reflects your understanding of each belief. Then briefly explain what you might know about …


Inspirations and Charisms Worksheet

A partially independent and partially group completed worksheet for students to fill out about the inspirations and charisms of a particular religious congregation or order.

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