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Paul's Missionary Journeys

Preparation Gather the following items: pens or pencils copies of The Catholic Youth Bible® or another Bible, one for each participant maps of Paul's journeys (See maps 7 and 8 from the Study Aids section in the back of The …


Assumption of Mary - Mary as a Disciple

  Begin an exploration of Mary as the first disciple by explaining the word disciple, which means "follower, or one who believes in the teachings of a leader."   Invite the students to examine the ways that Mary was a …


February 14: Valentine Puzzles

Preparation. Purchase or make a poster board heart, about 6 inches wide, for every four or five young people. Write on each heart a different scriptural verse that pertains to love. Include the citation. Here are some possible citations: Deut. …


Advent: Saint Joseph and Jesus

1. Gather the group in a circle for a moment of silence. Light the candle and read these passages about Joseph in the Gospel of Matthew (1:18-21 and 2:13-15). Ask the group to sit quietly for a moment and ponder …


All Saints' Day: Unmasking Saints

Unmasking Saints: A Learning Activity for All Saints' Day OVERVIEWThis creative activity helps young adolescents learn a little about their Catholic heritage by exploring the life and work of their patron saint or a favorite saint. Group Size: This strategy …


Mass to Commemorate and Celebrate the Life of Pope Saint John Paul II

In light of the Pope's passing, this Mass script offers an order of service with prayers, music suggestions, intercessions, and other materials that will make planning a meaningful celebration as simple as possible when time is limited. This Mass can …


Back to School: Saintly Guest Speaker

Saintly Guest Speaker? This activity is designed to have your students move around a little, look at the lives of a few saints, assess where they are in their spiritual lives, and help you assess how they are feeling about …


August 15: Assumption of Mary - Mary, the First Disciple

Considering how important Mary is in Christian history, the New Testament says little about her. What it does say, though, speaks volumes. SHE MAY BE THE MOST FAMOUS WOMAN who ever lived, and yet there is surprisingly little in the …

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