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Life Issues A Activity: Saint Augustine: The Reluctant Saint

Read the article on Saint Augustine on page 351 in The Catholic Connections Handbook and then, thoughtfully and reflectively, respond to the following questions.


Chapter 25 Activity: People of Faith

Use some or all of these people for the “People of Faith” activity, making sure to include a mix from different time periods. Instruct the participants to research their person of faith by referring to the page numbers in The …


Chapter 23 Activity: How Much Do You Know about the Church?

The descriptions below relate to the Church, present and past. Write the word or name from the box that matches each description. Some words will be used more than once.


Themes in Paul’s Epistles

An artistic presentation of several themes in Paul’s epistles, and the Scripture passages they correspond to.


How Paul’s Conversion Changed His Life

A worksheet using Scripture passages to show how Saint Paul’s attitude toward Christ and Christians, Gentiles, and his enemies changed after his conversion.


The Road to Damascus: A Scripted Version of Acts 9:1-22

A scripted version of Saint Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus, found in Acts 9:1-22.


Worksheet About Paul

On this worksheet from the Student Activities Workbook for Breakthrough!: An Introduction to People of Faith, you will find a crossword puzzle as well as facts and reflections questions on Paul's life and his conversion.


Assumption of Mary - Mary as a Disciple

  Begin an exploration of Mary as the first disciple by explaining the word disciple, which means "follower, or one who believes in the teachings of a leader."   Invite the students to examine the ways that Mary was a …

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