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What is a saint?

A saint is a holy person, someone who lived an extra-loving life on Earth and now is close to God in Heaven. The saints are close to us because they share God’s great love for us. That is why we ask them for their prayers. They are our friends—friends want the best for us!

Just like every person is different, every saint is also different. Each saint was an ordinary person with both strengths and weaknesses. Ordinary people become saints by using the gifts and talents God has given them to follow Jesus and to live according to the Gospel.

In this book, you will read the stories of 30 saints. As you read about each saint, remember that you too are called to be a saint by following Jesus and loving God and others in your own original and unique way!

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Copyright: Aug. 14, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-64121-079-9

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