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Grade 2 Child Discover Kit (Parish) 

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Faith formation where every child learns, loves, and lives their Bible

Our founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, believed that God’s word is powerful in touching hearts. We still believe that today, which is why we’ve created a faith formation program that puts The Catholic Children's Bible at the center.

Each child receives their own Discover! Kit, containing everything they need for their exciting faith journey. Children will dive into Bible stories in their own Catholic Children's Bible to encounter Jesus through the stories and people of scripture. Then, they get out of their seats for a built-in energetic learning activity that helps build a meaningful lesson. Next, they connect the Bible story and hand-on activity with Catholic doctrine through age-appropriate prayers, puzzles, and challenges in their Activity Book. Watch as they connect the dots and transform a learned faith into a joyfully lived faith!

When they are done with the day's discoveries, everything gets packed up in their own backpack until it's time for the next adventure!

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Copyright: Jan. 7, 2019

Format: Paperback Kit

Item number: 4512

ISBN: 978-1-64121-042-3

ISBN-10: 1-64121-042-7

Special Feature

Each kit includes:

Each lesson is led using the Discover! Finding Faith in Life Catechist Guide (Grade 2), which will allow your catechists and volunteers to joyfully guide children on their journey.

*Do you already have a Catholic Children’s Bible for each child? Contact your Ministry Care Team for options! 800.533.8095

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Customer Reviews



By Lisa Gross, Sheboygan Falls

I am a DRE and myself along with the teachers in grades 1 - 5 love Discover. The lessons are so easy to implement and these lessons encourage the children to read the Bible. The student leaflet can go home each week to be shared with the parents. The parents can see exactly what the children have learned in class. The back of the leaflet has family activities directly related to the lesson.

Not a few months but YEARS. Started in Sept of 2020.


By Ellen Zafonte, Merrick,NY

All like the program - Catechists, Students and PArents

Great Program!


By Kris Mulligan, Las Vegas, NV

My catechists and families are thrilled with the Discover! Finding Faith in Life program. It's rare to find a bible based curriculum that is so user friendly for both the catechists and children. I couldn't be happier with this resource.

It is a very good curriculum.


By Leticia Zavala, SILOAM SPRINGS, AR

it is a very good curriculum. Catechist and parents liked, and we can see how kids enjoy combined the lesson with the Bible.

Easy to Work With to Make it Our Own


By Marie Clark, Williamsville, NY

We especially like the fact that the textbook for the lessons is the Bible. The format is wonderfully designed for children of multiple ages to compete the lessons together as a family. We really enjoyed taking the lessons and booklets and making them into videos that are appropriate for our parish ministries and events then placing them in a Google Classroom format. Thank you for all your work in this program.

Families love it!


By Renee Dignan

We are using the on- line program and love the ease and flexibility. The Bible is the heart beat of the program and our families love it!

Very well done!


By Mary Testin

This year is new for us, but we absolutely love the whole curriculum. Integrating the study of scripture with our Catholic faith is wonderful. Very well done!

This program is awesome!


By Wendy Osterberger

This program is awesome! The children are engaged and are learning how to look things up in the Bible. They walk away knowing the message they were taught.


By Denise Murre

Great for helping children connect with the Bible.

It's wonderful!


By Anne Sirianni

The kids love the colorful Bible and backpacks. The weekly pamphlets are not the focus, the Bible is and that is the reason I purchased this program for our parish. The home guide is perfect during the pandemic. The amount of topics covered for the time we have the kids is great. We won't have to skip units because of time and the liturgical year lessons can be done at home if necessary. The students see Jesus in the bible pages. It's wonderful!

Kids were engaged


By Kayla Rooney

Wonderful. It was great getting kids right into the Bible and learning to read and look up scripture at a young age. Many small group leaders reported their kids were engaged and enjoyed the activities and how well they connected to the lesson.

Students & catechists really like it!


By Linda Cooper

Students & catechists really like it! Scripture holds their attention & gets them thinking. The activities get them up & moving. The artwork is beautiful!

The families have been very enthused


By Mariavis Fitzmorris

This is our second year to use Discover and we are having the parents teach it at home due to covid. I feel our family participation would not be as high if we were using another curriculum. The families have been very enthused about using the Bible at home.

Your online platform was a game changer


By Nancy Plate

LOVE IT. I especially love the use of the Bible for the children. Your online platform was a game changer for the program during this pandemic year...We truly floundered in the Spring of 2020



By Chentel Tabbada

Very thorough and well made curriculum.
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