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Saint Mother Teresa—Inspiring ‘Everyone, Everywhere,’

The video "Mother Teresa—Inspiring ‘Everyone, Everywhere,’" by Anthony Ndaira, available on YouTube (10:20), is best used on day 4.


What Is Social Justice?

The video "What Is Social Justice?" by the Love Alliance, available on YouTube (1:06), is a series of young people sharing answers to this question. It may be helpful on day 1.


Voices of Youth on Social Justice

The video "Voices of Youth on Social Justice," by the International Labour Organization, available on YouTube (2:59), defines social justice. Young people from all over the world give examples of social justice. The video may be helpful on day 1.


Love vs. Lust

The Jason Evert video "Love vs. Lust," available on YouTube (2:22), is best used on day 2.


Love as the Motivation for Chastity

The Jason Evert video "Love as the Motivation for Chastity," available on YouTube (2:22), is best used on day 1.


Song "You Are Near"

The song “You Are Near,” by Dan Schutte (Oregon Catholic Press), is a contemporary musical setting of Psalm 139, which is partially printed on pages 38–39 in the Handbook. You might like to play the song at the end of day 1.


Hey, World

The song/video "Hey, World," by Petra and performed by Caroline Chevin, is available on YouTube (4:04). The song tells the story of courageous choices—choosing life instead of abortion or suicide—and affirms God’s gift of life. It is best used on day 1.


World Peace Day 2014

In the video "World Peace Day 2014," by Isha USA, available on YouTube (4:20), several speakers give short talks on world peace. It is best used on day 4.


Correlation to Curriculum Framework

Correlation to Curriculum Framework Course IV: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church from The Church: Christ in the World Today.


What is Catholic Social Teaching?

A personal story about living out the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.


Celebrating Life: The Human Person and the Rules of God

A personal story about the life affirming ‘yeses’ within the Church.


God Leads Us to Action

A personal story about leading a just life every day.


Make a Connection with People in Need

A personal story about having a spirit of solidarity with those in need.


Defending a Friend's Dignity

A personal story about defending the dignity of others.


Putting the Circle in Action

A personal story about using the circle of social action.


What are you Called to do?

A personal story about actively living out the principles of social justice.


Obedience to God's Will: Our Greatest Happiness

A personal story about how rules are created out of love and how obedience to those rules ensures lasting happiness.


Archbishop Romero

This is a short video on Saint Oscar Romero.


Click above to access this online resource for Live Jesus in Our Hearts: Revelation and the Old Testament.


Revelation and the Old Testament is the first semester course in the new high school series Live Jesus in Our Hearts. This series takes a fresh approach to the Framework outline, bringing in new themes such as in-depth use of scripture, extensive online resources, and an invitational, evangelizing approach.

Are you interested in seeing how we're reframing framework? Learn more about Live Jesus in Our Hearts!


The Violence of Capital Punishment

Sr. Helen Prejean discusses the violence of capital punishment.


Fr. Barron comments on Why It Matters That Our Democracy Trusts in God

Father Barron illustrates why he believes it's important that the United States trust in God.


Fr. Barron comments on Why Dr. King Still Matters

Father Barron explains the beneficial teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. and why these teachings ought to be more comprehensively adopted by the church today.


Fr. Barron comments on "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Fr. Barron discusses the theological meaning inherent in Michael Moore's documentary, "Capitalism: A Love Story".


Fr. Barron comments on the Prosperity Gospel

Fr. Barron discusses the history of the prosperity gospel and the dangers it poses for our faith.


Cesar Chavez: Embrace the Legacy

A 5 minute documentary chronicling the life and mission of Catholic Cesar Chavez.

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