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Family Prayer before First Eucharist

These prayers will help your family focus more deeply on the celebration of First Eucharist that will take place soon. Through these prayers, you, your child, and your family will ask for guidance as you continue to grow as disciples …


Final Performance Task Options for Unit 7

Final performance task options for unit 7 that assess the students’ knowledge of consecrated life. The options include writing a biographical essay about a woman or a man who chose the consecrated life, or giving an oral presentation on a …


A Prayer Service in Intercession for Ordained Ministers

A prayer service for ordained ministers including multiple readers, speakers, and responses.


Final Performance Task Options for Unit 6

Options for final performance tasks for unit 6 focusing on the vocation to ordained life and the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The options for final performance tasks include creating a brochure on priestly formation for prospective candidates, or writing a …


Final Performance Task Options for Unit 5

This assessment presents the final performance task options for unit 5 focusing on the priesthood. The options include interviewing a priest, or “adopting” a missionary priest project.


Final Performance Task Options for Unit 4

Options of final task performances for students to choose from to demonstrate their knowledge about the Sacrament of marriage.


Be Reconciled

Call to presence• Let us remember that the Prince of Peace dwells among us at this moment. • God, source of forgiveness and reconciliation, be with us now as we pray. • Forgiving God, be with us now. Prayers 2 …

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