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Cycle A Sunday Readings 2016-2017

Sunday Readings for November 2016 to November 2017 (Cycle A Readings). The passages follow the lectionary of the Catholic Church in the United States, which is based on the New American Bible Revised Edition.


Lesson Plan for Lesson 16

A lesson plan for lesson 16 in The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth: Catechist Guide. In this lesson students explore how the Holy Trinity is revealed through liturgy.


Correlation to Curriculum Framework

Correlation to Curriculum Framework Course IV: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church from The Church: Christ in the World Today.


Quiz: Are You a Faithful Citizen?

A self-quiz, or self-assessment, on faithful citizenship.


Preparing for Mass

This document begins by explaining the importance of involving youth in preparing for Mass. It then goes into an in-depth discussion of the principles for preparing Mass, forming preparation teams, preparing yourself as team leader, and explaining the preparation process.


Preparing the Elements of the Mass

This document helps in the planning of the Mass. It provides a handy checklist for readings and prayer tasks, music and song tasks, and rituals and environment tasks.


Preparing the Prayer of the Faithful

This document is very helpful when planning a Mass. It includes a description of what the Prayer of the Faithful is, tips for writing the petitions, the suggested order of the petitions, and examples of typical responses to the petitions. …


Mass Preparation Form

This document is a helpful tool when getting ready for a Mass. The Mass Preparation Form is a handy outline that includes blank lines for you to fill in the specific readings, prayers, songs, and participants for the Mass you …


Ministries Small Group Liturgy Preparation

This article is from the Living in Christ Series. Teachers may use this resource to organize students into group to plan and reflect on various parts of the liturgy of the Mass.


Liturgy Reflection

This resource is part of the Living in Christ Series. It offers reflection questions for students to use as prompts when writing papers on the Liturgy.


Research Component - Liturgy Writing Assignment

This handout is part of the Living in Christ Series. It outlines the guidelines for a research writing assignment in which students reflect on various liturgical seasons.


Project Overview

This assignment is part of the Living in Christ Series. It offers ideas for reflection papers regarding three different liturgical celebrations.


Semester Long Project

This project idea is part of the Living in Christ Series. Students compile a portolio of written assignments, making observations and reflecting on the Paschal Mystery through the Sacraments.


Advent Prayer

Prepare the way of the Lord! (Isaiah 40:3, Matthew 3:3) Advent is a time of preparation for the arrival of the Savior. How can we prepare? A few ideas: Set aside more time each day to pray Spend some time with …

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