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Catholic Mass Kid's Trivia Game Part 8 Receiving Communion

This video is a trivia game that can be used to assess children's understanding of receiving Communion at Mass.


Catholic Mass Kid's Trivia Game Part 2 Introductory Rites

This video is a trivia game that can be used to assess children's understanding of the Introductory Rites.


Come Worship the Lord

The song/video "Come Worship the Lord," by John Michael Talbot, is available on YouTube (7:58). Point out that this song is based on Psalm 95. Commentary includes an explanation of the liturgy as a dance, with gestures. You may want to try following the instructions for the gestures. It is best used on day 3.


I Lift Up My Soul

The song/video "I Lift Up My Soul," by Tim Manion and the Saint Louis Jesuits, available on YouTube (3:00) with lyrics, shows views of Catholic liturgy and prayer as well as natural scenes. It is best used on days 1 or 2.


The Kingdom of God

The song/video "The Kingdom of God," like many Taizé songs, is available on YouTube (4:15) and is a meditative chant that would work well as an introduction to chant and an opening prayer. It is appropriate for use on day 4.


God Loves a Cheerful Giver

This worksheet guides students to read and answer questions about a specific Hebrew festival from the book of Leviticus.


Song "We Are One Body"

The song “We Are One Body” is a moving song about being part of the Church and the saving power of Christ. There are many versions available on YouTube.


Blest Are They

The song/video "Blest Are They," by David Haas, available on YouTube (5:08), works best on day 2.


The Catholic Mass

The Catholic Mass, and what each of us brings to it.


Be Present in the Memory

A personal story about being present in the memory at the Eucharist, and for the memory to be present in us.


The Power of Liturgy

A personal story about the wonderful power of the Liturgy.


What is Good Friday?

A short clip about the meaning of Good Friday.


Mysteries of the Church: EUCHARIST

A documentary that provides: 1) A theological basis for the Eucharist, 2) An explanation of precisely what transpires during the Eucharist, 3) The process by which the bread of the Eucharist is created and 4) An instance of a Eucharistic miracle.


Fr. Barron Comments on the Real Presence

Another part of a video series from Wordonfire.org. Father Barron will be commenting on subjects from modern day culture, and how Catholics know Jesus is present in the Blessed Sacrament. For more visit http://www.wordonfire.org/

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