A New Rock: Adaptations for Home Use

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The following activities and ritual pertaining to the life of Pope John Paul II are easily adapted for families to use at home.

These activities are easily adapted for family members at home. When gathered for a meal, or for the specific purpose of these activities, family members can do one activity, a couple, or all of them, depending on the amount of time set aside.

Biography of Pope Saint John Paul II
Print a copy of the biography of John Paul II found here. Read it aloud to those gathered, or have family members take turns reading a portion. Use these questions to prompt discussion:

  • How do you suppose Karol Wojtyla felt on the day he was elected pope?
  • Among his many deeds and accomplishments--world travel, forgiving his would-be assassin, World Youth Day, and so on--what inspires you the most?
  • What stands out in your memory of Pope John Paul II?

Papal Responsibilities
Print copies of the "Must–Should–Can" handout, giving one to each family member. Allow time for each person to complete the handout. Discuss the various responsibilities. Discuss which papal responsibilities you think are most important. After the discussion, one person can share the correct answers as noted in the catechetical session for youth.

Papal Election
In anticipation of the family gathering, become familiar with the papal election process by visiting the "Electing a New Pope" page. Summarize for family members the election process and discuss it.

"A New Rock" Activity
Find the "A New Rock" Activity here. This catechetical session is intended to lead students to an understanding of Pope John Paul II's life and ministry. Adapt it as you wish for your home setting.



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