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About this article

This activity is intended to help youth explore the various responsibilities of the pope.
Instructions: Check all the responsibilities you believe a pope must do in the MUST column, the responsibilities he should do in the SHOULD column, and the responsibilities he can do in the CAN column.

# Responsibility MUST SHOULD CAN
1 be Catholic      
2 preach the Gospel      
3 travel around the world      
4 govern Churches      
5 be Italian      
6 write encyclicals      
7 be the bishop of Rome      
8 wear a white zucchetto (skull cap)      
9 hold audiences with pilgrims      
10 own a popemobile      
11 be infallible      
12 hold World Youth Days      
13 be the Vicar of Christ      
14 teach and tend his flock      
15 be a person of prayer      
16 hear confession during Holy Week      
17 support the participation of women in Church and society      
18 lead the people in holiness      
19 speak many languages      
20 give guidance on social issues      
21 unify the people      
22 be on the best-dressed list.      


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