Discover! Finding Faith in Life: Scope and Sequence

Explore the full Scope and Sequence for Discover! Finding Faith in Life.

In this booklet, you’ll be able to see the Scope and Sequence for each grade in our new faith formation program, Discover! Finding Faith in Life. See the ways we’ve incorporated deep dives into Scripture, Church teaching, liturgy, morality, prayer, and the key words and people of our faith!

Each grade level has a generalized area of focus (Grade 1: God; Grade 2: Jesus; Grade 3: Church; Grade 4: Covenant; Grade 5: Sacraments), while at the same time spiraling core concepts and foundational understandings throughout each grade level to introduce and deepen meaning for the children at age-appropriate levels.

Each grade level is structured in the same manner: four units with five chapters in each unit. Each chapter follows a pillar of the Catechism with one chapter specifically focusing on Catholic social teaching.

We hope you love this brand new approach to faith formation for grades 1-5.

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