Music Video: “Covenant Hymn” (Ruth)

About this video

The song/video “Covenant Hymn,” by Rory Cooney and Gary Daigle and Theresa Donohoo, available on YouTube (5:09), is based on Ruth’s words to Naomi.

The Old Testament and the Trinity: It is appropriate for prayer on day 2.

Revelation and the Old Testament: This video is suitable for use in Chapter 7

An accessible and engaging look at Abraham as the common spiritual ancestor of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


Revelation and the Old Testament is the first semester course in the new high school series Live Jesus in Our Hearts. This series takes a fresh approach to the Framework outline, bringing in new themes such as in-depth use of scripture, extensive online resources, and an invitational, evangelizing approach.

Are you interested in seeing how we're reframing framework? Learn more about Live Jesus in Our Hearts!

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