Waters of Salvation

On this worksheet, students identify the Scripture passages associated with the various parts of the Blessing of the Water used at the Easter Vigil.


Good Friday Intercessions

A handout that guides students through writing their own Good Friday intercessions.


What is Good Friday?

A short clip about the meaning of Good Friday.


What is Holy Thursday?

A short clip about the meaning of Holy Thursday.


What is Holy Week?

A short clip about the significance of Holy Week.


Reason for the Season- Easter Triduum

This episode of Reason for the Season, brought to us by the Irish Dominicans, focuses on the Triduum, from Holy Thursday till the Easter Vigil. It explains why and what we celebrate during this highlight of the liturgical year.


The Liturgical Year

Learning Experience: The Liturgical Year (20 minutes) On a chalkboard or sheet of newsprint, draw six horizontal lines. Tell the group members that each line represents one of the Church seasons. Invite them to name the major seasons of the …

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