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A magazine for high school teachers 

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Aspire was created to empower you to reach and teach high school students!

Your subscription includes 3 issues: Winter, Spring, Fall. All issues include access to free downloads so you can make classroom copies as you need!


Each 40+ page issue is filled with:

Use for personal reflection or to bring current theological topics to your classroom.

Stimulate meaningful conversation, reflection, and prayer with your students.

Nourish yourself with these short reflections related to the ministry of educating youth.

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Our intent with this new magazine is to provide support and inspiration for the rich ministry of educating youth in today’s world. We at Saint Mary’s Press have a long history of walking alongside our friends in Catholic education. We hope to further that mission with the pages of this magazine.

Aspire speaks to the goals in every educator’s heart: to improve the classroom experience, to touch young lives in a profound way, to off er the most accurate theological insights, and to simply be the best possible teacher for the youth who are in our classes. 

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