Go Seek Find: Discover God's Treasures

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The home guide divides each chapter into three main parts: “Go,” “Seek,” and “Find.”

The “Go" section begins with an opening prayer and continues with a short activity to engage your child in the topic of the day.

The “Seek” section involves exploring Scripture related to the sacrament of focus and a core learning activity centered on the chapter theme.

The “Find” section provides a deeper look into the meaning of the sacrament and concludes the lesson with a summary and a closing prayer.

How to Use These Elements at Home:

The Home Guide contains everything you need to bring all the elements of Go Seek Find together for successful use at home. Although you may have to make some adjustments for this program to fit your time frame or the individual gifts and interests of your child, you will find a complete easy-to-use structure from which to start. The current lesson is designed to take 60 minutes from start to finish; however, this can vary depending on the unique pace at which you and your child move through the lesson.

Quickly reviewing the content and flow of a chapter before working with it will be especially helpful in making decisions about how best to tailor it for your child. Once you cover the first chapter, you will begin to find your own unique rhythm and will be able to make quick adjustments to further refine the program for a perfect fit.

You can involve the entire family in these lessons by gathering and preparing materials so that everyone can participate in the Core Learning Activity. This can make learning more fun, and it encourages learning across different ages. You will likely find that you enjoy these activities as well!

You can find a video that will walk you through using the Home Guides here!

Click here for a full guide to using the Home Guides!

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