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Lesson in a Bag™ Eucharist is:

Catechists can come to class 10 minutes before the children, grab their bag and be ready to teach that night. No more fumbling through catechist guides wondering which pieces to cover and hoping to get through it all. No need for catechists to have in-depth training or theological knowledge to succeed in teaching the Lesson in a Bag.

Easy-to-Use: The Catechist Cards™ are easy to follow and allow the catechist to teach the lesson with confidence. All the catechist needs to do is pull out the Catechist Cards, read through them once before the children arrive, then follow them through the class period like following a recipe for cooking. It’s that easy. Each Catechist Card directs the catechist through the easy-to-follow, clear lesson, providing exact words to say to the children step by step. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Ready-to-Go: Everything the catechist needs to teach is in the bag. These lessons cover all of the important content while allowing the children to have a lot of fun at the same time through interactive engagement. All handouts are included, NO MORE SPENDING TIME MAKING COPIES! No more time worrying about keeping track of student books.

**All content comes from Celebrate and Remember Eucharist Child’s Book, which holds the declaration of conformity to the Catechism.

Each Lesson in a Bag includes the Catechist Cards™ and  20 copies of student handouts.  

The Lesson in a Bag™ Eucharist Package includes all 10 Eucharist lessons for only $229.99.


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