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This eLearning mini-course is an engaging and efficient way to help young people unfamiliar with Catholicism learn the essentials of the Catholic faith. Cognitively, we know that middle and high schoolers are ready to think about faith in a deeper way. What if there was a way to engage their hearts and go deeper into the concepts of faith, while equipping your catechists to lead meaningful, deeper conversations with them, whether in-person or via video call? Catholicism 101 answers this by first having young people engage in interactive eLearning modules for self-directed learning, which then lead to catechist-led follow up sessions. 

These sessions empower catechists to engage in meaningful conversation and build relationships with young people through a simple 4-step process: to build community, connect the teaching to their lives through engaging discussion and activity that is video-call friendly, and by having an experience of prayer together. 

  • 13 interactive modules for young people's self-directed learning (View the course outline)
  • 13 follow-up sessions for catechists to lead over video call or in-person
  • An overview of the 4 Pillars of the Catechism
  • Will complement any program or stand on its own
  • Allows for followed progress and responses
  • Ages: 6th grade-10th grade 
  • Price is per device


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**Catholicism 101 is an eLearning course based in a secure, browser-based online learning environment. The course can be accessed on any device connected to Wi-Fi.



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