Understanding Racism


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Understanding Racism is 10-lesson mini-course. This powerful unit on Racism focuses on themes of change, unity, and solidarity. By connecting racism to the greater Catholic Social teaching of Human Dignity, the course helps students understand more about the origins of racism, how it affects others, and how to confront and stand in solidarity with people from all walks of life.

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Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Format: Responsive e-Learning Website

Item number: E6008

Customer reviews

"It keeps students more engaged than reading a textbook"


From a student: The platform's biggest strength is that it keeps students more engaged than reading a textbook. I do not see any weaknesses. Yes, I wish all my classes would use this format instead of textbooks because I seem to pay more attention and learn more in the end.

A student takeaway


The main message of the unit was that we all have differences, but are created in the image and likeness of God. While skin color or beliefs may differ, we are all really more similar than different and it is our duty not to judge or assume based on certain characteristics, but we must learn to love, accept, and respect, our brothers and sisters.

A student review


I liked the activity where you tried to find if you were implicitly biased or not. It was interesting to learn about, because I always thought racism came from a place of evil, not from a place of unconsciousness. I also liked the activity where you had a description of a person and then matched the picture to the description. Many of these descriptions challenged the stereotypes of what people believe. It really opened my eyes, because I always thought I wasn't one to stereotype, but when I read the descriptions, I had a clear image of what the person that fit these descriptions would look that.