The Catholic Youth Bible® ‒ Second International Edition (NRSV)

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Inspire teens to explore Scripture with The Catholic Youth Bible® Enhanced Interactive Edition (NRSV)!

NEW! Newly revised to include interactive Sunday Gospel Readings. Youth are able to easily navigate right to the Gospel readings for the whole liturgical year. Icons lead to the new interactive feature, which promotes connection, reflection and conversation.

The Connect It! interactive feature is designed to encourage youth to connect the Sunday reading to their lives through personal reflection and group dialogue. There are no correct answers, allowing youth to explore many possibilities and truly make connection to their own lives of faith.

Covering the entire year, the Connect It update utilizes the links to the Sunday readings beginning on page 1542. Connect It Interactions can also be accessed through the 2017 calendar located on page 1546, allowing youth to go directly to the interaction.

Sample the new Sunday Gospel Widget here!

Product Details

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Translation: New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition

Format: Digital title

Item number: 4406INT

ISBN: 978-1-59982-941-8

ISBN-10: 1-59982-941-X

Special Feature

Introduction videos featuring dynamic presenters will help young people understand the main themes and events of various books of the Bible.

Watch one of the heartfelt videos found in the Bible!

Interpret It videos invite them to dive deeper into a particular passage of the Bible, exploring its meaning and making connections to their everyday lives.

Video story maps take students on virtual field trips to explore the lands of the Bible, giving them a closer look at the journeys and locations of key biblical people and events.

Reading plans on Salvation History, Women in the Bible, and more, help teens navigate through Scripture.

Over 140 new Discovery Cards include interactive content that empowers young people to decipher difficult passages, make real-life connections, see themselves in the stories, and pray and reflect on what they read.

A digital User Guide and Table of Contents are also included to help you and your students quickly and easily find these new digital features.

Help teens experience The Catholic Youth Bible® like never before!

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I use this bible myself and plan on gifting this bible to those we visit in our prison ministry


By Edel, Leduc, Canada

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