Game On!

Theisen, Michael 

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By Michael Theisen


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The Game On! card games provide a great way to learn and review the vocabulary and teachings that are part of the richness of the Catholic faith. Each of the fifty cards contains six questions from themes covered in The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers and the Catholic Connections religious education program, including

  • God, Revelation, and Faith
  • Jesus the Christ
  • The Holy Spirit and the Church
  • Sacraments and Prayer
  • Christian Morality and Justice
  • The Eucharist

Directions are included for four different games that ca be played in churches, schools, or at home with friends and family. Find more game ideas by clicking on "extras" or make up your own games. Discover just how many answers YOU know!

Product details

Copyright: July 1, 2009

Format: Card deck

Length: 50 cards plus directions

ISBN: 978-1-59982-009-5

ISBN-10: 1-59982-009-9

Customer reviews

By Sr. Eileen McCann, CSJ, Coordinator, Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the USCCB

Michael Theisen and Saint Mary's Press are "right on? with Game On. This is a creative and fun way to engage middle schoolers in learning the vocabulary and teachings of our Catholic faith. The best part of the game is that it can be used in multiple settings, including within a family gathering. It can make long family car trips not only less boring but also productive!

By Mike Patin, Catholic speaker

"Many adults think we have to be entertaining to bring the gospel to young people. It's not about entertainment. "[Young] people today want to be engaged...drawn in, made to feel they are part of the action. The best teaching and faith developing does just that. In GAME ON!, Michael Theisen has created a tool to help adults engage middle schoolers about their faith and about God in the real world today. The game allows young people to have fun while learning and discussing and actively getting 'into' their faith rather than sitting on the sidelines. And adults learn alongside the teens. "I recommend GAME ON! to give your teens a more friendly experience of faith sharing."

By Leland Nagel, National Conference for Catechetical Leadership

Don't get locked in by the words "card game." This is a lot more fun and you don't sit around a card table. It's not as expensive as poker, and if you're learning, you're anything but a loser. That's better stakes than playing online. If you've got a card, you've got Power. If you ask the question, you can see the answer. You can use these cards and games as a way to reinforce catechetical learning and it won't be boring like having to memorize stuff. Sounds like fun to me.