Digging Deep

Fostering the Spirituality of Young Men 

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By Michael J. Downey


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Adolescent males crave guidance on how to integrate their spiritual selves into their rapidly changing bodies and lives. This groundbreaking resource addresses male teen psychology, theology, socialization, and authentic spirituality to help Catholic young men understand the complex issues swirling about them.

Digging Deep includes easy-to-use, active lesson plans that complement the Voices series resource manuals for teen boys' female counterparts. The book can be used for gender-specific activities for boys, or it can be combined with the Voices series to plan concurrent boy-girl sessions. Digging Deep also includes retreat suggestions for fathers and sons. It's the most important resource you can buy for nurturing the growing spirituality of the young males in your school or parish.

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Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Copyright: Jan. 1, 2003

Format: Paperback

Size: 8.375 x 10.75

Length: 96 pages

Item number: 3435

ISBN: 978-0-88489-803-0

ISBN-10: 0-88489-803-2

Customer Reviews

By Christopher Walker, internationally known lecturer, composer, and conductor

"No one understands me" is the cry of many adolescent males. Here is someone who does. Michael Downey provides for teachers and spiritual leaders a treasure chest of helpful ideas to engage young men in their spiritual quest for wholeness. The rituals go beyond lip service and unearth deep longings and fears in a healthy spiritual context. The prayers and quotations are apt for use at any time. The suggestions in this resource will resonate through life.

By Michael J. Daley, writer and teacher, St. Xavier High School, Cincinnati, Ohio; co-editor of "In All Things: Everyday Prayers of Jesuit High School Students" (Loyola Press, 2003) and "Vatican II: Forty Personal Stories" (Twenty-Third Publications, 2003)

For all of us who have realized the importance of developing boys' spirituality but didn't know where to begin, now we have no excuse. Combining theory and practice and integrating service, the Scriptures, and reflection, Digging Deep challenges young men to grow in their own self-awareness and, consequently, discipleship with Jesus. Parents, teachers, pastors, Scout leaders, and youth ministers will find here the tools they need to help boys grow into men. A welcome resource indeed.

By Fr. Leonard J. Gilman, OCarm, Carmelite priest and educator

Digging Deep is a brilliant and practical guide for fostering the spirituality of young men in the new millennium. Michael Downey weaves biblical, classical, literary, and neighborhood tales into a treasure chest of knowledge. The true gift of coming to know God is that it is about coming to know ourselves. The legacy of Digging Deep is the true legacy of every young man: the depth to which he can encounter God in his heart. This book will transform lives.
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