Michael J. Downey

Dr. Michael Downey began teaching by accident. In 1980 he had some spare time and a friend who needed a hand one morning a week at the local public primary school. He gained a teaching degree and began teaching high school. After vowing that he would never move out of the classroom, he was made an assistant principal responsible for religious education and the faith life of his college. He has held this position in all-boys, all-girls, and coed schools. When his youngest son graduated from high school, he took time out to complete his doctorate, exploring the experiences of teachers' daily work that nourished and sustained their spirituality. He currently works as an educational consultant, workshop and retreat leader, and writer. In his spare time he takes on occasional teaching contracts just for fun.

Visit Michael Downey's Web site at http://www.michaeldowney.com.au.

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By Michael J. Downey

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