Biblical Women

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By Janet Claussen


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Help girls discover new perspectives about both the familiar and the hidden stories of their biblical sisters. Biblical Women: Exploring Their Stories with Girls introduces the stories of over 70 women in the Scriptures. Exploring the lives of biblical women can lead girls to an understanding of the roles that their foremothers played in communities of faith, from the ancient Hebrews to the early Church.

This manual offers seven chapters of activities and materials (including journal-writing, prayer, and reproducible handouts) that highlight ways that the lives of women and girls of the past can be relevant to the lives of girls today. The creative activities are informative, fun, and flexible, and can be adapted to fit younger adolescents or older teens as well as a wide range of time frames and settings. An appendix, "Voices of Biblical Women," tells more than 70 first-person stories.

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Copyright: Oct. 1, 2002

Format: Paperback

Size: 8.375 x 10.75

Length: 120 pages

Item number: 3429

ISBN: 978-0-88489-699-9

ISBN-10: 0-88489-699-4

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