Leader's Guide for Primary Source Readings in World Religions

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By Patrick Tiernan


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Studying world religions is an intellectual challenge coupled with an emotional endeavor to grow in sensitivity to the mystery of human nature. Teaching world religions requires an openness to new languages, cultures and beliefs. By exploring the history of dialogue, students can begin to appreciate the unique contributions of each tradition without forgoing their own.

Primary Source Readings in World Religions introduces your students to foundational texts of many of the world's main religions. This leader's guide brings you the expertise of a veteran world religions teacher who not only provides helpful insight into the readings but also lends the wisdom gained from years of guiding young people in deepening their understanding of different faith traditions.

The leader's guide provides you with continuity and variety. Each chapter includes these elements:

  • summaries of the primary source readings from the student book.
  • an activity to help you guide students through each of the readings.
  • additional activities to further explore the issues.
  • suggestions for prayer related to the chapter topic.
  • action ideas related to the chapter topic.
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