The Catholic High School as Faith Community

A Vision Paper for Teachers, Campus Ministers, and Administrators 

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By Kevin LaNave



The integration of theology, spirituality, and service is at the core of faith community, and all members of the school community are invited to participate in shaping this vision. Hospitality and conversion are key ingredients for nurturing a community.

This monograph was written using insights from teachers and campus ministers from Catholic schools around the country after several three-day workshops titled "The Catholic High School as Faith Community," sponsored by Saint Mary's Press. This vision paper provides the foundation on which the Saint Mary's Press workshops (including "Nurturing Spirituality with Faculty and Staff") have been built. It is intended for all faculty, staff, and administration in the school, as well as for the extended community, such as school boards and parents. Reflection questions are included.

Saint Mary's Press grants permission to photocopy this vision paper for use with the faculty and staff in your school, or you may purchase multiple copies for $3.00 each.

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