The Church: Christ in the World Today

Teacher Guide, Second Edition 

By Michael Greene


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The second edition teacher guide has been carefully crafted to help the teacher lead students in exploring the content of the Living in Christ Series. The teacher guide follows the student book in sequential order and offers a variety of homework and activity resources to help students learn and understand the material. Each section of the guide contains activities, discussion questions, suggestions for homework, section wrap-up projects, At-a-Glance boxes that outline learning objectives and identify resources, and more.

Updates to the second edition:

  • Teacher Guide (TG) aligns with the student book for easy navigation and use.
  • TG provides a visual overview of each unit’s learning plan, including enduring understandings, essential questions, knowledge and skill goals, and key vocabulary.
  • TG includes abundant learning activities to help students master enduring understandings for each unit.
  • TG and online teaching resources provide variety of summative and formative assessments.
  • Reflection questions have been added throughout each chapter in the Student Book to invite the students to apply their learning to their own life and spirituality.
  • Online resources allow easy adaptation and personalization of all student activities and handouts.

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Copyright: Sept. 12, 2016

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