Margaret Nutting Ralph, PhD

Margaret Nutting Ralph, PhD has taught grade school, high school, college, graduate school, and adult education groups throughout the country. She worked for the Covington and Lexington Dioceses for 30 years, as a teacher, adult education consultant, director of RCIA and evangelization, and finally as secretary of educational ministries for 16 years. Presently she is the director of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies Program for Catholics at Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Ralph is the author of 12 books on Scripture, including the Paulist Press bestseller And God Said What?, as well as the series Breaking Open the Lectionary: Lectionary Readings in their Biblical Context for RCIA, Faith Sharing Groups, and Lectors (for Cycles A, B, and C of the Lectionary), and her most recent book, A Walk through the New Testament. Her work has been translated into Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, and Korean. She dedicated And God Said What?  to her students who asked wonderful questions throughout her nine years of teaching Scripture at Lexington Catholic High School.

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