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Married Couple Interview

This handout provides the outline for an interview of a married couple.


The Roles of Men and Women on TV: True to Life or Not?

This handout provides questions for students to answer as they observe the roles of men and women on TV.


Extra! Extra!

Students read two “news articles” and evaluate the morality of each by answering a series of questions.


Music to My Ears

Students evaluate a contemporary piece of music based on several different categories of violence and disrespect.


Ways to Respect Life

This worksheet challenges students to think about how they can value the dignity of life on a day-to-day basis.


Justice in the World

This worksheet challenges students to think about how the teachings about Justice from the Bishops of the World apply to their daily lives.


Teachings from the Catechism

This worksheet challenges students to think about how the teachings from the Catechism on the fourth commandment apply to their daily lives.


Which Way Shall We Go?

This handout provides a chart for students to list activities that are best to do on Sunday and those that should be saved for other days of the week.


Aiming for God Game

This handout contains cards to be used with the “Aiming for God Game”.


The Transfiguration of Jesus

This worksheet helps students to read Scripture passages, answer questions about, and understand the importance of the Transfiguration of Jesus.


Lead Me Not into Temptation

This handout presents different roles for students to act out from a real-life theft situation


The Bible’s Practical Moral Advice

This worksheet guides students as they look up Scripture passages that give moral advice.


Beatitudes Strips

A list of the Beatitudes organized to be cut into strips for a class activity.


Exodus, Chapters 19–20

This handout provides a note-taking guide while reading chapters 19-20 from Exodus.


John, Chapter 17: Praying for Others

Brainstorm personal family issues that are of concern to you as well as any issues that may be troubling your friends. Using the outline below as a guide, write a personal intercessory prayer in the blank space.


Human Rights and the Life of Jesus

Match the events in Jesus’ life outlined below with the articles from the United Nations documents “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and “United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child,” outlined on the handout “Human Rights” (Document #: TX003012), …


Human Rights

Several articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Adonai Shalom

Adonai Shalom “Lord of Peace” Adonai Shalom Lord, let there be peace in my heart, so that it may be open to feel love, kindness, and goodness. Adonai Shalom Lord, let there be peace in my life, so that I …

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