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Kid President - How to Change the World (a work in progress)

The video talks about how we can change the world in a positive way.


Celebrating Life: The Human Person and the Rules of God

A personal story about the life affirming ‘yeses’ within the Church.


God Leads Us to Action

A personal story about leading a just life every day.


Make a Connection with People in Need

A personal story about having a spirit of solidarity with those in need.


Defending a Friend's Dignity

A personal story about defending the dignity of others.


Putting the Circle in Action

A personal story about using the circle of social action.


What are you Called to do?

A personal story about actively living out the principles of social justice.


Obedience to God's Will: Our Greatest Happiness

A personal story about how rules are created out of love and how obedience to those rules ensures lasting happiness.


What Do I Know about the Catholic Faith

In the time allotted for this exercise, answer each question to the best of your knowledge. Each set of questions corresponds to the units you will study in this course and represents content you will cover in more detail in …

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