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What Can a Person Do?

This article gives several suggestions of how an individual can bring about distributive justice.


"You Have Heard…But I Say"

An article about Jesus’ command to love everyone, even those who society has deemed unlovable.


Living God's Call

A reading, with reflection questions, on living out God’s Call of unconditional love, agape, for all.


War and Peace in Catholic Social Teaching

An article on war and peace in Catholic social teaching.


The Challenge of Peace

An article on the foundations for a justified war and the just war doctrine.


Principles of Catholic Social Teaching for Business Ethics

An article on the principles of Catholic social teaching for business ethics.


The Church, Social Ethics, and Politics

This article is part of the Living in Christ Series. It is a great introduction to the Church, social ethics and politics in the United States.


Service and Justice: A Conversion of Heart

This article is part of the Living in Christ Series. It discusses 5 stages in introducing service learning to a classrooom setting.


Called to Holiness: Holiness in Modern Church Teaching

This article from the Living in Christ Series discusses holiness: what it is, who is called, and how to live it out. Both the Church and the people in it are holy.

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