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Saint Caesaria the Younger (c.465-c.530)

for January 12

Saint Caesaria the Younger established a convent in 512, and served as its first abbess. Her convent became very popular, especially with women who had been widowed. Saint Caesaria's house soon expanded to include hundreds of sisters. She and her sisters exhibited great devotion and care for the poor, the sick, and children. Saint Caesaria the Younger carried out her ministry until she passed on to her heavenly reward on January 12, 530.

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"Happy are those who consider the poor; the Lord delivers them in the day of trouble" (Psalm 41:1). "Considering" the poor does not seem too demanding until we look into the meaning of the word consider. The synonyms for consider include think carefully about, pay attention to, and reflect on. Thinking carefully about the poor means really looking at them, not just rushing by them. When we pay attention to them, the poor become more real to us, and we will be more likely to help them. Reflecting on the poor may cause us to be grateful for the things we have. As we walk in our cities or work in soup kitchens, it can be helpful to ask ourselves, What does this person, who seems to be poor, have to teach me? If we care for those who are poor and try to learn from them, we can be assured that the Lord will deliver us in our day of trouble. (Taken from "By My Side: A Teen Prayer Companion.")


Lord, help me to be more mindful of the poor. May I learn the lessons they can teach me. (Taken from “By My Side: A Teen Prayer Companion.”)