Saint Marie Magdalen Postel (1756-1846)

for July 16

Saint Marie Magdalen Postel was born in Barfleur, France. She established a school for young girls in her hometown when she was just 18 years old. When the school closed due to the French Revolution, Marie used the school building to house fugitive priests. Marie founded the Sisterhood of Christian Schools of Mercy, where she and her sisters taught and acted as nurses to their pupils. Saint Marie Magdalen Postel is celebrated for her holiness and miracles.

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Sometimes schoolwork is difficult, and we may get frustrated and want to give up. Sometimes schoolwork comes easy to us, and we may get frustrated with classmates who take longer to grasp the concepts and ideas of the lesson. Saint Marie Magdalen Postel knew how important a good education is. Do you understand the importance of your education? Do you strive to always do your best and help others who may be struggling?


Dear Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to receive a good education. Please help me to always do my best at my schoolwork, even when I may get frustrated and want to give up. Please help me to use my time and talents to help my classmates who may be struggling with their schoolwork.