Saint Romuald (c.951-1027)

for June 19

Saint Romuald felt a calling deep in his heart to live virtuously, but ignored the call in his youth. He spent many years devoted to the world and its pleasures. However, his life changed forever when he witnessed his father kill a rival in a duel. He was so shaken up by what he saw that he felt as though the crime was his own. He joined a Benedictine monastery, hoping to repent for his sinful life. He liked to travel and see God's creation, and he established several more hermitages and monasteries on his excursions throughout Italy. Like many other saints, he faced numerous temptations and slanderous words. He faced these obstacles with patience and prayer. Instead of living an easier lifestyle in his advanced years, Romuald increased his penances and simplicities.

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Saint Romuald ultimately chose the Christian life after witnessing the evil and emptiness of a life of pure pleasure and sin. In order to recognize the tremendous value and importance of Christianity, it is sometimes helpful to see evil and its accompanying sufferings. Think of a time that you witnessed or were party to a particularly evil or terrible action. Imagine how much this action repulsed you and ran contrary to all that you knew to be right, true and good.


Dear Jesus, help me to always recognize and choose good actions.