Saint John of Sahagun (1419-1479)

for June 12

Saint John of Sahagun was a priest, spiritual advisor, scholar, and preacher. He became an Augustinian friar and had prayerful visions, performed miracles, and had the gift of reading souls. He publicly denounced evil actions, which angered some townsfolk who did not want to change their sinful ways. Several attempts were made on his life, and it is said that he was eventually poisoned by the enraged mistress of a prominent man who had stopped seeing her on the advice of John. Saint John of Sahagun is the patron of Salamanca, Spain.

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Saint John of Sahagun was willing to stand up for what he knew to be true and moral, even when doing so would risk his life. He knew that he could die for his actions, but the depth of his passion prevented him from shirking his moral responsibility to speak out. Are there times when you have vocally opposed things which you believed to be wrong? Are there times when you failed to uphold morality or actively abetted evil?


Dear God, help me to live with the tenacity of Saint John of Sahagun.