Saint Barnabas (1st century)

for June 11

Although Saint Barnabas was not one of the original Twelve Apostles, he became friends with Saint Paul and is considered an honorary Apostle. He was originally called Joseph, but was given the name Barnabas by the other Apostles, which means "Son of Encouragement." Barnabas strove to convert the Gentiles, and traveled preaching the Good News of Jesus. He helped found the Church in Antioch, and was martyred for his faith.

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Saint Barnabas's name, "Son of Encouragement," likely suggests that Barnabas frequently encouraged and comforted those struggling. Think of a time when someone encouraged you to continue on a course that was difficult. Think of how much this meant to you. Think of a time when you did this for someone else.


Dear Jesus, help me to appreciate how you encourage me. Help me to notice opportunities to encourage others.