Saint Gottschalk (d.1066)

for June 7

Saint Gottschalk was a Christian prince of Wends, but he turned his back on his religion when his father was murdered by a Christian Saxon. Gottschalk spent some time serving in the army of Canute of Denmark. He became a practicing Christian again when he married a Christian woman. When he took back his kingdom, he was instrumental in converting his subjects to Christianity. Gottschalk assisted his local priests in translating sermons into the Slavonic language. He was killed by his brother-in-law, who was the leader of an anti-Christian movement. Saint Gottschalk is the patron saint of princes, linguists, and translators.

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Saint Gottschalk was killed because he chose to be a Christian. What sacrifices has Christianity required from you? What would you be willing to give up for your faith? Would you, like Saint Gottschalk, be willing to sacrifice your life?


Dear Jesus, please help me to be open to sacrificing my life for you, as you sacrificed yours for me.