Saint Kevin (c.498-618)

for June 3

Saint Kevin's name in Gaelic was Coemgen, and he founded a monastery in the little valley called Glendalough. There are many stories of Kevin, perhaps the most famous of which is of a blackbird laying eggs in his hand. Kevin's gentle nature and love for God's creatures was so strong that he waited patiently for weeks for the eggs to hatch. (Taken from "Saints Passionate and Peculiar.")

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Saint Kevin reminds us that God loves all of creation. God takes delight not only in humans, but also in every detail of the world He created. He loves nature and its many animals, and we, as Christians, are called to be responsible stewards of the earth. How do you treat the world God created? Do you respect it and act in ways that will foster its well-being?


Dear God, help me to view nature and its many wonders through your eyes and to responsibly fulfill my duties to protect it.