Saint Justin Martyr (c.100-165)

for June 1

Saint Justin was on a never-ending quest for religious truth. He was a pagan philosopher who converted to Christianity through Scripture study and witnessing the bravery and unwavering faith of martyrs. Justin found that Christianity answered questions about life better than what he had heard from philosophers. He became the first Christian philosopher, and used his knowledge of philosophy and his eloquent speaking skills to explain Christianity to pagans. His notoriety was eventually his undoing, and he was beheaded in Rome for refusing to renounce his Christian religion. Saint Justin Martyr is the patron saint of philosophers, speakers, and apologists.

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Saint Justin shows us the complex interaction of factors that go into making one a Christian. As individuals, Christianity must relate to every facet of our being. Saint Justin found Christianity to be philosophically cogent and theologically sound. However, in addition to intellectual arguments on behalf of Christianity, Saint Justin was also influenced emotionally through witnessing profound examples of courage and faith from Christians. What facets of yourself is your faith currently failing to address?


Dear Jesus, please help me to relate to you with every facet of my being. Help my mind, body, and soul to align with you and your desires.