Saint Ursula Ledóchowska (1865-1939)

for May 29

Today's saint began life as Julia, but took the name Ursula after becoming an Ursuline nun. She founded the Ursulines of the Sacred Heart, or Gray Ursulines, in 1906. Ursula translated and published a Finnish catechism, and relocated to Rome at the request of Pope Benedict XV. She was a noted presenter, and was asked to speak before national leaders and royals. She strove for and defended the right of Polish independence. Her order continues their work today across the globe. Saint Ursula Ledóchowska famously said, "Holiness does not demand anything great, beyond the ability of the person. It depends on God's Love; every daily act can be transformed into an act of love."

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Saint Ursula provides us with an excellent example to emulate. She reminds us that God does not demand great feats or deeds that are beyond our capabilities. He simply asks that we love him, ourselves, and others and learn to see every action and thought as a means of furthering our dedication to our faith. Take time to meditate on the events of your day and how you can incorporate your faith more readily into your experience of the day.


Dear Jesus, please help me to include you in every dimension of my life.