Saint Brendan (d.577)

for May 16

Saint Brendan was from Tralee, on the west coast of Ireland. Brendan famously sailed with 60 of his friends in tiny boats to find the Isles of the Blessed in the roaring Atlantic Ocean. Scholars now think that Brendan actually did land in North America. This is riveting, because he did so some time in the sixth century after the birth of Christ. He did so a few years before Lief the son of Erik, or Cristobal of Genoa, and long before brave priests stumbled through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona toward what they thought were the Cities of Gold somewhere in the American interior. (Taken from "Saints Passionate and Peculiar.")

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Saint Brendan went on a long journey in his mission for God. Some scholars believe he even traveled all the way to North America. Sometimes, we too journey a long way for God, though this may not always be a physical journey. Think about the history of your relationship with God. Notice its developments and the ways in which, it too, is a long journey.


Dear God, please be with me always and help me to better love you and others.