Saint Hallvard (c.1020-c.1043)

for May 15

Saint Hallvard was a brave young man of faith--both faith in God and faith in innocence. One day Hallvard was preparing to cross a fjord in a boat, when a woman falsely accused of theft ran up to him. Hallvard took her aboard the boat, but didn't have time to get underway before her pursuers rushed up and demanded that he return her to them. Hallvard refused because he believed the woman when she said she was innocent. For his belief he was killed with an arrow, the same arrow that killed the accused woman. Saint Hallvard became revered by the people as a martyr because he had died in defense of innocence. (Taken from "Saints Passionate and Peculiar.")

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Innocence is a valuable quality. It can mean many things. For Saint Hallvard it meant purity, honesty, courage and trust. These are all exceptionally good qualities that we are called to exhibit as Christians. How do you display these qualities?


Dear Jesus, help me to live with the innocence of Saint Hallvard.