Saint Matthias (1st century)

for May 14

For years Matthias followed Jesus. He was with him from the time John the Baptist baptized Jesus until Jesus ascended into heaven. It wasn’t until after the Ascension that the Apostles selected him to replace Judas. (Taken from "Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.")

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Saint Matthias followed Jesus for many years before he was rewarded with becoming an Apostle. Many of us follow Jesus, and it seems that we are never rewarded for it. Saint Matthias reminds us that, if not in this life, we will be rewarded in heaven. Further, he reminds us that, in fact, a reward or a position of importance has no relevance in our quest for union with God. God and God alone is what should matter to us.


Dear God, help me to follow you with no expectations about the benefits that I will receive.