Saint Peter of Tarentaise (1102-1175)

for May 8

Saint Peter was the abbot at a Cistercian monastery. He replaced a very corrupt bishop when he was appointed archbishop of Tarentaise. He accepted his new position with enthusiasm and eagerness. Peter reformed his archdiocese, replaced corrupt clergy, and ministered to the poor. After around 10 years as archbishop, Peter "fell off the radar." When he was located, he was living simply as a lay brother in Switzerland. He returned to his duties as archbishop and once again began to assist the poor.


Saint Peter devoted his life to God, to fighting against corruption, and to helping the poor. Over and over, we see saints whose holiness led them to help the poor. In fact, it might be fair to say that, in many cases, the degree of our concern for the poor directly corresponds with our degree of holiness and union with God. Do you care for the poor?


Dear God, please help me to care for the poor in my community.