Saint Eadbert (d.698)

for May 6

Saint Eadbert lived as a monk at Lindisfarne Abbey in Ireland. The other monks admired his deep personal holiness, vast knowledge of the Bible, and charity towards the poor. In fact, Eadbert gave the poor one-tenth of his possessions each year. He was appointed bishop of Lindisfarne, and held the position for 11 years. Even though he had many responsibilities as bishop, he still made time to make two 40-day retreats every year, when he lived meditatively as a hermit.

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Saint Eadbert was known for both his intelligence and his generosity. Giving away one-tenth of his earnings to the poor set an example to other Christians of the time. It also provides us today with a good example of how we are called to be charitable towards the poor.


Dear Jesus, please help me to love you, know you, and love others as you love them.