Saint Hunna (d.679)

for April 15

Not much is known about Saint Hunna. In fact, some say that her name is Huva. She was born in the seventh century in Alsace. She was the daughter of a duke, and she married a nobleman. Hunna was an aristocratic woman by birth and breeding. She married an aristocrat, and it can be assumed that they were not poor. However, Hunna was known for washing the clothes of her poor neighbors, who came to call her the "Holy Washerwoman." (Taken from "Saints Passionate and Peculiar.")

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Saint Hunna is an excellent example of sainthood. She reminds us that we need not be poor, need not even have a vocation directly related to our faith, in order to be holy. She was wealthy, but she devoted considerable energy to helping the poor by washing their clothes. We can all become saints. How can you more readily incorporate the values of your faith into your daily life?


Dear Jesus, help me to make my work an opportunity to become a saint.